Alberto Marin-Gonzalez

Position: Visiting Postdoctoral Fellow (Primary Advisor: Dr. Taekjip Ha)
From: October 2020
To: August 2023
Email: amaring1 [at] jhmi [dot] edu
About: Alberto is a postdoctoral fellow in the lab of Taekjip Ha who was co-mentored by Reza Kalhor. He received a BSc in Physics at the University of Seville and a MSc in Physics and Mathematics at the University of Granada (Spain). In 2020, he completed a PhD in biophysics at the Autonomous University of Madrid and joined the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine as a postdoctoral fellow. He is interested in the biophysics of nucleic acids, with a focus on epigenetics and genome 3D organization. In 2023 he relocated to Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School together with Dr. Ha. He continues to collaborate closely with the Kalhor Lab.

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